Even a small amount of power can have a great effect when concentrated on a certain area


Who am I?

Born in 1988 an raised in Rome, I am Giulio Vitali, cultural anthropologist, gaming critic, food & beverages enthusiast - how could you not be - Human Resources fanatic.

Rare studios in  Twycross, Leicestershire

Rare studios in Twycross, Leicestershire

How dare you critic videogames?

My expertise and experience in videogame critics comes from years of articles on italian websites - and not too furious forums debates - but most of all I have been in constant contact with videogame developers, PR and executives from the industry since early 2006.

I am not gonna bore you with how many games I have played, which console I bought or what genres define me - you will get that from my articles - but here I will tell you that my personal perspective is unique and I will try with every article to give you as much insight as possible.

In conclusion, as everybody has its own space in the videogames industry, I want to create my own, where to express my ideas, feeling, thoughts about a sometimes overlooked media, in terms of analysis, research and critic argumentation.


Earth - beatiful as ever with filters

Earth - beatiful as ever with filters

What Anthropology adds up to the mix?

Studying videogames, working in the business, has been on my radar for a really long time. Anthropology taught me observation, how to look at people, and their cultural habits, why groups do something, how they do it and what possibly they could do next.

Anthropology it's criticism at its finest, sometimes a bit pretentious - I mean look at that Earth picture - but from a gaming perspective is useful for analyse development teams, mass movements towards a game/franchise/console/concept.

Our field studied for years the impact and implications of a wink (Geertz), think about how much criticism and well-crafted opinions I could bring up to the table regarding a massive media like videogames.