Visionary Takeda: a tribute to the Technology Fellow

Nintendo has a long history in the videogaming mediium, and so many of its fierce and proud members. Emplyees that worked for the company for over 30 years are a treasure for their knowledge and for what they have done for the most successful business for the company since its foundation.

Genyo Takeda is one of them. Today he officially announced his retirement from the company and we should definitely thank the man responsible for many Nintendo's successes. Taked is a man behind the spotlight, not very often praised and sometimes even criticized for his vision.

One of his many works are Punch Out!!, for example, or the battery back-up memory, basically the ability to save games in masterpieces like the first The Legend of Zelda. Take a deep breath and imagine a world without Takeda's team battery back-up memory. I am thankful.

A man responsible for the analog stick should be known, right? Well I am thankful to Takeda for the brilliant analog stick, something that deeply changed the videogame industry.

Mr. Takeda developed the Wii hardware, its philosophy of a tiny, but appealing, console with a basic hardware and a deep focus on an overwhelming idea. This philosophy granted Nintendo years and years of revenues, the chance to develop incredible games with a unique perspective that gave the industry a refreshment feeling about videogames.

Spot the Takeda!

Spot the Takeda!

Personally I have wonderful memories of the Wii era, the hopes and creativity were palpable. I am thankful for that.

Sure mistaken were made by Takeda himself, the Wii U was not the best idea, but to tell you the truth he is not the sole responsible for the console's results.

This is not an article about how you should change your mind about Genyo Taked, I am just paying tribute to an aweome man who worked hard for Nintendo for being Nintendo. He had an impact on the industry he will surely be missed in the company.

I wish him all the best, he definetely deserves more praise in my opinion, that "Technology Fellow".