Mario is on automatic transmission

Mario is on automatic transmission

I hear you, I understand you, but please stop shouting for a moment. Super Mario Run deserves to be analyzed just like everything else.

In this piece I will not judge a book by its cover, I will not get into graphics and whether or not this game is important to get to a broader audience: it is not. Mario is big enough it can be recognized everywhere, anywhere. It sells everywhere without needing a dedicated game on a different platform so if you think that is the reason why Nintendo announced this game: you are wrong.

Super Mario Run is a page on the most iconic mascot's videogame history. The cost, in terms of resources and money, is really low and does not damage anything already in the works in the Nintendo warehouse.

Why Nintendo decided to announce and release this videogame? To sell the Nintendo brand. Mario is bigger than Nintendo itself. The Nintendo brand is pretty much stucked at the NES era, that is why the NES Mini announcement was so well received. When you say Nintendo it is the NES people think about, while you have to specifically say DS or Wii for those particular brands, but Nintendo is well behind that recognition.

So that is why through Mario Nintendo can sell itself and be more relevant, so to gain again popularity, recognition and, of course, profits.

Mario is above all, it is iconic, it is cultural, it is a representation of a universe. Miyamoto recently said they made Super Mario Run to let people play Mario in a simpler way:

Over the years in our own experiments on our own platforms, we had come up with some ideas for how to make Mario simple for people who don’t play Mario games
— Shigeru Miyamoto

There is a difference between getting to a broader audience and simplify a mechanic to give people the opportunity to embrace a brand that does not need an audience broader than the world itself.

Miyamoto's appearance on Apple's stage is significant on how Nintendo will handle its mobile support: sincerely, with full commitment.

Nintendo has realized that Super Mario can be set to automatic, literally, and drive Nintendo out of some bad business decisions, along with other IPs that are sold not as videogames, but as icons, as franchises, as universes to dive into.

Super Mario Run is not meant to be sold as a Super Mario videogame, but as a Mario opportunity.