PS4 Pro: what an after dinner

PS4 Pro: what an after dinner

On a previous article I have discussed why a PS4 Slim was not the best decision for Sony if they still wanted to sell three different PS4 (PS4, Slim and the upcoming Neo/Pro).

Considering the fact they priced the Slim as a regular PS4, the first model is kinda useless in terms of future sold copies. PS4 Pro, announced during the latest Playstation Meeting, is a 1.5 version of the popular, and currently market leading platform: PlayStation 4.

Conceived with higher specs and better features, while some of them will be inherited by the other members of the PS4 family, PS4 Pro is the next step to continue Sony's console cycle. It sure seem a nice product, with a fair launch price, and pretty much every game is going to benefit from higher specifications.

So, what is the problem? What is the deal? Is just the necessity for higher specs the reason Sony decided to announce a new product? Do they fear so much Project Scorpio? To answer those questions we simply have to look back on why Sony announces and release new videogame consoles.

Sony E3 Conference SKNotes

PS1 was all about CDs - and you can read my opinion about it - while PS2 was all about DVDs, PS3 was announced to push Blu-Ray discs, PSP was trying to make UMD a thing. Basically Sony makes console to launch new products and standards on other technology sections, so to get royalties and benefit from it.

What about PSVita and PS4? PSVita is the all-around machine Sony have always wanted to be part of our lives. Portable, connected with the TV (PSTV), capable of streaming from your living room console, capable of connecting you with everybody else (Skype and 3G).

PS4 had not a direction until now. PS4 Pro is the direction. Thinking just a little bit outside of the box, Sony is struggling to get revenues from its departments, outside Playstation. The company sure rely on quality, but VAIO is not as cool as before, considering price and design. Audio department has huge competitors with stronger brands, while cameras are still used by professionals - in the TV industry - and low budget customers - because of the brand, but it is not enough. Smartphones and tablets are floating, while PSVita did not get the spotlight Sony hoped.

What is left ar TVs. BRAVIA is still synonym with quality, and - you guessed it - Sony is preparing a rebranding, a reboot of this brand with new quality 4K TVs specifically designed for PS4 Pro. That is the new standard, that is the new "format" Sony will try to get bigger on. It can become a snowball of money for Sony, giving two departments a ton of money.

Sony TV Bravia 4K sknotes

From a customer perspective PS4 Pro is primarily dedicated to non-PS4 videogamers who were waiting to buy, but there is always a bit of countereffect so many will switch from one to another.

That is the reason why PS4 Pro was not well received by the videogame community: it is not the next step for the consumer-installed base, is an after dinner you get after completing a meal, it is a surprising gift for someone who just owned a smartphone, or has not bought a console yet, it is not, paradoxically, for Pros, but that suffix ring the right bell in our ears isn' it?