PS4 on a diet?

PS4 on a diet?

Swimsuit season may not be over for PS4

During the last few hours some photos have emerged. I am talking about a possible PS4 Slim, that could be revealed alongside PS4 Neo the next 7th of September. First thing to my mind, seeing the photos that you can find down below - courtesy of NeoGaf - was the NX console/controller made with a 3D printer.

I am not here to discuss whether or not this PS4 Slim might be real, only time will tell, but I am thinking about what a PS4 Slim could mean for Sony's business. Right now we have a leading platform, PS4, which definetely doesn't need a slim version, especially when a new and upgraded version of it is going to be revealed.

Shortly after this thoughts XboxOne S come to mind, but we have to consider the fact that Project Scorpio is highly probable to come out well after PS4 Neo and also that Microsoft is not the market leader right now. So seeing a Microsoft strategy that could be defined as a good move, Sony's one, with a PS4 Slim, might not be.

Compelling factors in launching a new product are:

  • Price
  • Specs
  • What's new?
  • What's in the box

Given that, we can see from the pictures that this PS4 Slim is not that slim from regular PS4. From a Specification perspective I don't see Sony moving towards an improvement, possibly a XboxOne S movement - so not significant.

From what we can see the box isn't a huge and new bundle, which Sony can still think about with a regular PS4.

Design is surely new, but that is definetely subjective and it's totally a marketing problem, selling a different shape of the same product. What might be the key point to a successful product is - you guessed that - price.

Given the fact that PS4 is already at 299€, how much this slim could cost? Also with the Neo announcemente Sony has to think about a price cut for the regular PS4, if it doesn't want a bumpy price-point for Neo. So the PS4 Slim could be priced between 249€ and 299€ I believe, which is basically not a great move for Sony: they still got their regular PS4 for that.

Surely a new product can boost some sales, which Sony could want before moving fully to PS4Neo, but a new supply chain doesn't come for free.

In conclusion I think that a PS4 Slim, right now, in this situation, might not be the best solution for Sony. Unless they are really looking forward a new line of PS4, they should consider a low budget product, so to be a cheap alternative, in terms of materials and design, to the PS4 family.

Basically a product not in between PS4 and Neo, but placed before PS4, so to eventually: get new consumers who can't afford a PS4 right now, not losing old consumer who will switch to Neo, and open new possibilities in terms of having the right product for the right wallet.