Hello World

First of all: thank you for that click.

With this website I would like to expose my opinions, feeling, thoughts and impressions about videogames. I want to do research, analysis, connect with developers, make statements and defend ideas.

You can expect a fair amount of videogame knowledge, suggestions, reviews from my library, interviews, leaks, discussions, news commentary & criticism about the gaming industry. I look forward to a business perspective, keeping in mind developers are human beings and fans can be amazing.

My intention is to be as transparent as possible, I might write some article in italian, when my mind is not fully awakened, but I will always strive to English. For what concern transparecy I don't what to hide anything about what I write, why I write and foremostly what's going on behind closed doors.

I firmly believe in a new videogame critic, not under publisher's control, awaken, hungry to research, defined by dignity and not clickbait. Reviews are gonna be based on a 5 star scale system, and the score will be on the first line, because I trust you to read why I summarized the review on that scale.

If time and work will be on my side, I would even like to make videos. My promise to you, audience, readers, sknoters, is the most objective mind from a subjective person. My personal inspirations, in the videogame critic, are: Easy Allies (former GT), GameTrailers, Jim Sterling (post-Destructoid), Adam Sessler, Michael Pachter (from a business and ecomic knowdlege-perspective).

I hope you enjoy what you will find on SKNotes.