Enjoying the medium

Enjoying the medium

Videogames have always been a hobby for me. When I was child little I knew about developers, development and publishers.

What I surely recall was the feeling of getting a new game. The joy of seeing a new story, a new world, experimenting with the environment some team somewhere built for everyone to enjoy. Experience came along, critic, eager for more I was sliding towards the press.

Years passed, articles were written, relationships passed by, rumors, leaks, insider news, I have chatted with some of the higher ups in the medium: Board of Directors memebers, Presidents, developers, composers, localization teams, artist, I have torn every detail of what a videogame can or could be so to be called and considered: expert.

Like a storm a new job came along, one that gave me money for the first time in my life, suddenly I didn't have to struggle to let videogames be my work and I have started to look back. SKNotes became a thing. I realized whenever I saw a new game I was looking at it in a different way, like a PR, like a publisher, like a critic, like a developer, through the eyes of the experience I collected through all those years in the business.

Videogame enjoyment.jpg

I had forgotten to develop the enjoyment of the medium. Buying or downloading a game because you have time to play it, forgetting about all the hate and the bullshit PR do to promote a game they will never really believe in.

The lesson I learnt is: smile about games, laugh about games, chat about them withouth taking them so seriously. If you get too angry about games, if you get disappointed by games, if you care too much: be more selective, find someon to guide you through what games you can appreciate more. Dont' let videogames eat your own amusement.

This is going to be a multiple part article, focused on critic, fandom, sense of wonder and enjoyment of videogames. Let me know what you think about this approach and the themes of these articles.