NX announcement in November

NX announcement in November

As many of you know, I used to write columns for NintendOn, an italian website I surely recommend you, regarding Nintendo leaks and info.

Back in September 2015 I have started to write about NX, I think I was one of the first to have info about it, and during the following months I kept updating readers with what I got. I have decided to not talk about it again, despite seeing a lot of people confirming, sustaining and even copying what I said before, because I am a huge fan of the sense of wonder, something I will talk about another day.

That was a bold title - pun unintended

Premises aside you came here for the title, well, NX is going to be announced in November and here is why Nintendo's strategy is the best one consumer and company wise.

Videogamers all around the world are already talking about NX, without having any kind of official information. Even developers are talking about Nintendo's next project, whether under NDA or not, so Nintendo Co., Ltd has its marketing campaign covered by volunteers and developers, with 0 €/$/¥ coming out of its pocket.

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That is why Nintendo is not even announcing an event/Nintendo Direct, because it will set people's mind on a "let's wait and see" perspective, giving them the possibility to stop talking about NX.

What is one of the main problem Nintendo has faced during and after products presentations? Social and relevance momentum. What happened in the past has been a mess or a perfectly crafted strategy at the right peace. During the Wii era we even got the controller before a lot of the console features, skyrocketing speculations.

With NX Nintendo is afraid that the more time there is between the presentation and NX launch, the more difficult is going to be for them to be on top of the news and gain momentum until launch. This is the reason why announcing NX in November is an amazing strategy. Having only 4 months to reveal everything you have for launch and launch window is the right time to always have the chance to upload a trailer, or to write a press release. Every day can be filled with new content and the userbase can be guided to launch with ease.

On top of that Sony has already revealed its plans, so Nintendo is in a dominance position and can adjust its communication, price point and schedule.