Osoko Tanaka's Interview

Back in 2005ish there was a lot of talk about the Revolution, what came to be Wii. Rumors, leaks, theories, a whole world of insane hype had been constructed underneath Nintendo's latest console.

With NX's lack of news I have decided to interview who in that period of time was writing about Revolution's possibilities: Osoko Tanaka. With his blog he made us dream about Nintendo. I have tried to ask him some questions about what happened back in the day and what is he doing now.

Q: Hi, and thank you for your time. A: Hello, it is nice to talk to you Q: First of all, who is Osoko Tanaka?

A: My stage name is Osoko Tanaka. I'm a Japanese engineer who has been involved in the Revolution Project before it began to be implemented. I was working close to the Nintendo Integrated Research & Development team. So I have had access to some classified Nintendo Revolution information.

Q:Back before the Wii era, what drove your research on the Revolution?

A: As a engineer, I was discussing some ideas with my team, things we can and can't do. We were evaluating the options in terms of hardware so it means that you have access to some classified information in order to decide if the required/desired concepts could be implemented in a real hardware. Once we evaluate this, second stage is to evaluate the real cost of implementing that concepts, this is not something we have any control over, so it is not on our responsibility list.

Q: You said a lot of stuff, but some ideas were not considered by Nintendo for the final product, how come? Were you sure about your sources?

A: I can't tell you why some ideas could not be considered. As I said, we just turn ideas into reality. That's why I knew about the wii pad controller. Remember that, a day before the E3, I wrote that the game pad would be a mix of two. Anyone could say that because this information is strictly prohibited to provide before to be released.

Q:Why did you decide to stop posting about Nintendo? What happened?

A: I can't comment on why I didn't write anymore about Nintendo. It is a permanent clause of the work contract. I've just decided to evaluate some new projects outside Nintendo. I met a lot of good people while I was working there and I still keep in touch with some of them. Therefore, I know some details about next generation consoles.

Q:Do you plan to start again? Do you have any kind of info on NX you would like to share?

A: I plan to come back again. I really like to talk about new technologies and let Nintendo Gamers keep trusting on Nintendo. One of my conclusions during these last 10 years is that there is no company like Nintendo. They really think about improving gaming experiences. Thinking about the way you will play video-games and say "Yes, that's why I like the big N". They are not thinking only on improving graphics. Nintendo is always a step forward because of that. Because they think about new gaming experiences.

Q:If you could back in time, what would you change about the things you have said?

A: Interesting question. Let me think about this ... I didn't reveal some concepts such as the i-adapter. Remember what I said about i-adapter "you can feel the temperature of any thing you are touching inside a game". I'm sure we will see this concept for real. But the idea was too expensive to implement. we called it the Thermogame concept. I talked about it 10 years ago, now you can verify there are some studies that are really considering to implement this. Look at the attached pic please.

Q:Do you feel you earned some sort of recognition from dealing with leaks?

A: No. I've just want to keep people believing on Nintendo because the big N is the only one that really thinks about changing gaming experiences and is the only one that really wants to create innovation games.

Q: Thank you in advance for your answers, hope to see you writing again soon.

A: You are welcome. Thank you for your interesting questions.